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Anzac Day Luncheon 2020 Cancelled

Event ID: 104 Sponsored by: Fighter Squadrons Branch

Type & State: This is a Social function and applies to all members
Date:  Saturday, 25 April 2020   -   and Times: 1300hrs
Event Title:  Anzac Day Luncheon 2020 Cancelled
Venue:  Ibis Room Pullman Hotel, 36 College Street, Sydney
About The 
Welcome: All Fighter Squadron Community, including serving members, spouses and partners
Catering: Catering and seating is limited to 150
Luncheon: A two-course sit-down meal with steward service. Menu arrangements will be advised later. Please notify of special dietary needs.
Admission: Venue admission will be permitted for booked and paid-up attendees only. Upon admission, a name card will be issued.
Refreshments: All drinks will be at members` own expense - $5 per glass for alcohol and soft drinks; $30 per bottle of wine.
Bar Service: Members are requested to have the correct cash for bar purchases to minimise queues and delays at the start.
How To 
Get There: 
The venue is on College Street near the south end of Hyde Park. It is a short easterly walk from the end of the march point near the Museum Station.
Dress & Medals: Medals as appropriate.
Fees/Costs: The cost of the luncheon is $70 per head.
Note: Payment must be finalised to validate your booking!
Payment Options: Two Options:

1. Cheque (payable to the Fighter Squadrons Branch) to:
    Hon Treasurer, PO Box 656 LPO, Salamander Bay, 2317

2. Direct Deposit / Internet Bank Transfer to the FSB Account:
Greater Building Society
BSB: 637 000
Account No: 719958087
Account Name: Fighter Squadrons Branch
Don`t forget to identify your transaction details when making an online booking !!
Register by: BOOKINGS CLOSE ON WED 25th MAR 2020 !! - - - BOOK and PAY NOW
Manager: President - (Mike Lavercombe) - M: 0413 384 201
Vice President - Dave Leach - M: 0408 268 167
Hon Secretary - (Geoff Peterkin) - M: 0406 186 926
Manager Email:
• Attendance is permitted through advance booking and payment only;
• Advance bookings and payments are required by March 25th;
• Casual entry and/or payments offered at the door may be refused;
• Late return slips or late online bookings will not be accepted;

• Bookings which are cancelled after 25th March will not qualify for refunds (except in extenuating circumstances).
Note: An online booking is not valid until payment has been finalised.

As at the time of publishing this notice, about fifty valid advanced bookings have already been registered, so make sure you book early.