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Advocacy Assistance
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4 10/02/19 Claims Assistance DM. Assisting Veteran with PTSD to enable appropriate claims to be processed and approved expediently. This involved liaison with several ESOs as well as DVA. Also arranged with agencies for interim vouchers and financial assistance with current bills Current INCAP payments commenced and back pay being sorted. Assistance provided by RSL Defence Care for payment of Bills and other sources for voucher assistance over Xmas period
5 10/02/19 Family Assistance DM. Assisting with having a Veteran's family member assessed for being on the Autism spectrum and sourcing appropriate funding to cover the costs of assessment and ongoing therapy Current
6 10/02/19 Friendly Visits DM. Providing regular visits to a 90 year old member for companionship and chats On Going
7 10/02/19 Welfare DM. Assisting a member who is concerned about his Government Home Care provider costs for service. Liaised and met with Seniors Rights Services NSW who is looking into his concerns Current
8 10/02/19 Crisis Assistance DM. Provided a listening ear and assistance to an ex RAAF person suffering depression and who was suicidal Complete 000 was rang and the member inducted to psychiatric ward of local hospital. Member provided with details of mental health assistance and medical cover by DVA. Member is recovered well and continues to do so on reducing therapy sessions
9 10/02/19 Claims Assistance DM. Assisting an Ex RAAF member with submitting F-111 Deseal/Reseal permanent impairment claims Current
10 10/02/19 Claims Assistance DM. Assisting and additional ex RAAF member with submitting F-111 Deseal/Reseal permanent impairment claims Current
11 10/02/19 Claims Assistance DM. Assisting an Ex Federal Police Officer (Non Military who was a guard at the Maralinga site in the early eighties. He has been awarded a DVA Gold Card. Also investigating if he is entitled to compensation as he has been diagnosed with cancer. Also assisting him with Booking DVA transport to his medical sessions Current SA RSL Care advocate has been in contact with him and DVA travel arrangements are being provided
12 10/02/19 Welfare DL. Assisted recent Widow of Vietnam Veteran with the complexity and volume of paperwork to DVA to sort out pension and entitlements from the deceased’s war service. She was referred to a pensions officer who has been excellent at handling such cases. Seems like all is going satisfactorily. Current