Fighter Squadrons Branch

Royal Australian 77th Fighter Squadron In Korean Action, 09/04/1951

Extracted from U.S. Army film "B-47 Stratojet Refuels In Mid-Air, 1951" National Archives description "ROYAL AUSTRALIAN 77Th FIGHTER SQUADRON IN KOREAN ACTION.: Released 09/04/1951. 317' Int, Australian personnel leaving barracks. The men have tea outside. Pouring tea from tin container to tin cup. The men walk twd orderly room; mail distributed. 
CUs, Ind, two men open letters. Headon, F-51 warms up. Man place rockets on bomb trailer; hook rockets underneath wing. 
MCU, man works on bomb on wing. 
CU, man cleans 30 cal gun. Section leader explains tactics to his section on field. Pilot enters cockpit. 
CU, another pilot adjusts helmet, speaks to someone off screen."