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An extract from Dave's book

An Outline of No 77 Fighter Squadron Participation


No 77 Squadron was based at Iwakuni in Japan, (not far from Hiroshima) as part of the British Commonwealth Occupying Force (BCOF) -although it had also operated from nearby airfields at Miho and Bofu.

With the invasion by North Korean troops. the squadron was involved almost immediately. On the 2nd of July 1950, four Mustangs took off to escort American medevac aircraft bringing injured troops out of Korea.

The Mustang's long range again proved of value. (Its laminar flow wing a[lowed higher cruise speeds and longer range, for less fuel). Soon the Mustangs were escorting formations of B29 heavy bombers over Korea and Dakota medevac aircraft from Korea.

It is a little difficult to imagine but the Squadron was assigned to the occupational force and this was a non-combat overseas posting. Married men had their families there and it was not uncommon for the pilots to have breakfast with their wives and then take off for a strike over Korea. This changed as the war progressed.

During the communist advance, the Mustangs were assigned many tasks to defend retreating forces, disrupt the enemy supply lines and to slow the enemy progress.

The squadron was deployed to P'ohang on the East coast of Korea from where they could support the allied advance to the 38th parallel. Then they moved again to Hamhung in North Korea where the aircraft had to be cleaned of snow and ice before each mission.