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The F35 Is not the Answer

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This was written by Ray Perry (some might remember as “Ferret”) to the Senate Inquiry into the JSF/F35 debate and which I believe to be an unmitigated disaster for Australia and too few of my era with the expertise and knowledge willing to put their hands up and question what could be a deadly decision for our kids and grandkids.........

OK.... Who am I to say this??

Joined 77 in late 1967 at Butterworth

Did the duty two long tours for a “singlie” at Ubon in 1968

Flew the last Sabre out of Butterworth for Willie in 1969

Came back to Butterworth with 75 beginning of 1970 after Mirage conversion

FAC course 1971

Back to 77 after mentoring from Ringo and Tex end of 1971

1972 with 77 including low level ejection at Darwin 27 April a3-74 (birdstrikes after take off)

1973 F111C conversion at Nellis AFB and Ferries to Australia

1974/5 F111C display pilot

1977-79 Back to Mirage 3 Sqn as Flt Cdr/OPSO/T/CO at Butterworth

RAAF Staff College 1980

1984-88 US Armed Forces Staff College/ Assistant Air Attache Washington DC

1989-1991 OC 82 Wing

1994-1997  CDRSRG (Strike Reconnaissance Group)

1998-2000 Air Attache Washington DC

2001-2007 Head ADF Parliamentary Program

2000+ Aviation consultant Australia, South Africa, US, Latvia,UK, Denmark

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